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Trek Light Hammocks sponsors's Bike Across America

Brent Thomas and Lee Briggs, founders of the site, are currently riding their bikes from one side of the country to the other to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. They are only able to bring with them the few items that they can pack in the small bike trailer they pull behind them and needless to say every ounce counts when you're going to be biking up and down hills across the country in the hot sun.

We're happy to know that they chose to bring two Trek Light Hammocks on the trip with them and they've been using them to camp out under the stars and get some much needed rest along the route. Trek Light Hammocks really are the perfect companion for your next bike ride, whether you're going across the country or just out on your local bike path, and we're happy to be able to sponsor Brent and Lee on their quest to raise money for cancer research.

Be sure to check out the blog for their trip and support their efforts any way you can. Also, be sure to check out their main site,, it's a great new social network that allows you to not only track your own life goals, but be inspired by the accomplishments of others as well.

Here's a recent video showing them putting the Trek Light Hammock to use on their trip: Bikes Across America 7/8/07 from Lee on Vimeo.
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