Gift Guide 2019: The Hard to Shop For - Trek Light Gear

Gift Guide 2019: The Hard to Shop For

Teachers. Co-workers. The dog walker.

We’ve all got those people who are hard to shop for on our gift list, and buying for them never really gets easier, especially if your solution is to Google, “WHAT SHOULD I GET MY BOSS???!!!”.

Rest easy, because as you know, we’ve got you covered.

We've curated a collection of original and unique gifts that give back - both in fun and inspiration, and because every gift below is part of our 1-for-1 Give Back program that plants trees and more with every sale.

From delicious cookbooks to glow-in-the-dark games, there’s bound to be something below that pleases the ones you’re struggling to gift.


GIFT GUIDE: The Hard to Shop For

Light Up Bocce Ball - Unique Gift Idea

Light Up Bocce Ball

With built-in LED lights, our Light Up Glow Bocce Set lets your gift-ee make fun a priority all year round...even (and especially) in the dark.

Available in both regulation size or a camp/travel size - trust us, life will never be the same after you've played Bocce under the stars.


Redwood Adventure Blanket - Unique Gift Idea

The Redwood Blanket

A handmade blanket that radiates warmth and gives back to the world?

That’s our Redwood Blanket.

We plant trees for every blanket sold - which means it's perfect for someone who loves to be cozy while knowing they're spreading some good around the world.


Kindness Dalai Lama Magnet - Unique Gift Idea

Kindness Is Strength

A little reminder goes a long way with our Kindness Magnet

Send it someone you love and let them know their kind heart doesn't go unnoticed. 


Happy Ceramic Mug  - Unique Gift Idea

The Happy Tumbler

Turn coffee, tea, or champagne-time into a positive delight with our beautifully handmade Happy Tumbler.

It's perfect for cozy nights, nightcaps, and those sunrise-kissed coffee moments where happiness is the word of the day. 


The Mountains Are Calling Motel Key Tag - Unique Gift Idea

The Mountains Are Calling

Give an affordable and thoughtful gift to remind those you love that adventure awaits with our The Mountains are Calling Key Tag

A sense of adventure and longing for a life outdoors never quits. 


Under The Stars Woodsy Candle - Unique Gift Idea

Under The Stars Candle

Good-smelling candles never go out of style. Especially our Under the Stars Candle.

Light it up and let good smells fill your home, cabin, and state of mind. 


Doughy Roaster Campfire Cooking - Unique Gift Idea

The Doughy Roaster

The Doughy Roaster will make every campfire cooking session delicious and easy.

Easy-to-make tasty treats in the great outdoors or right in the backyard? Yep. 


Campfire Cooking Pole

The Campfire Cooking Pole

Hot dogs, veggie dogs, tofu dogs – cook them all easily and have way more fun in the process when you use the Campfire Cooking Pole.

A simple flick of the wrist flips your food for even cooking - if you're shopping for someone who loves gadgets and unique gifts, this is one they'll be talking about for years to come. 

This bad boy can also cook 4 s'mores marshmallows at once, which means it's versatile and sweet, just like the one you're gifting. 


New Camp Cookbook - Unique Gift Idea

New Camp Cookbook

A cookbook is a timeless gift that keeps on giving - even if someone is hard to shop for, they still gotta eat food, right?! 

The recipes in this book work as well for home-cooked meals as they do around the campfire.

For the hard to shop for foodie, give em’ the New Camp Cookbook for some inspired eats that will elevate their cooking. 


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