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Doubling Down on Earth Day

It's hard to believe it, but it's been almost a decade since I first shared the news of our Buy A Hammock, Plant A Tree program.  Since that moment, you and I together have planted thousands of trees in areas throughout the U.S. that desperately needed reforestation.  Here's a small sampling of what we've planted so far: It's incredible to realize how much good we've done together. We've done it not by fundraising or asking for donations, but simply by pledging to you that every sale, every ounce of growth that a small business like Trek Light Gear experiences, will in turn have a direct positive impact on the world around us. It's only fitting that today, on Earth Day, I get to share some incredibly exciting news with you:

We're now doubling down on our promise to you and planting TWO trees for every hammock we sell.

Every hammock plants two trees Truth be told, we've already been doing it for a while now (and have planted over 5,000 trees since the decision was made!) - but, that's not even the best news I want to share today)

On top of doubling our tree planting efforts, we've taken our initiative global and doubled down on the impact it has as well.

In order to accomplish that, I'm thrilled to announce our partnership with an incredible organization - Trees For The Future. Besides giving us a place to hang our hammocks, the role trees play in protecting our planet reads like the description of every major environmental campaign combined: they generate clean air and oxygen, recycle water, reduce pollution, they offer nutrients, medicine and food to both animals and humans, regulate temperature, and of course provide a habitat to countless species of animals that our world would not be the same without. Our partnership with Trees For The Future takes the environmental act of planting trees one very important step further - together every tree we plant will now have a very major social impact as well.  What does that mean? Rather than just plant spruce and pine and fir trees in existing forests, we're now focusing our efforts on helping farmers and small villages around the world with the addition of fruit & vegetable trees, shade trees, sources of livestock feed, and much, much more. Imagine the difference that a few nutritious fruit-bearing trees can have on a family living in hunger and poverty. Imagine an entire village able to create a sustainable economy, a living wage, and better housing for its families.  Now amplify that effect by many thousands for years to come. Trees For The Future & Trek Light GearTrees have the power to create sustainable food sources. To provide shelter and shade, warmth, medicine, income and happiness. Trees have the power to change the world. Together we'll now be able to bring about not only a positive environmental change in the world but a huge amount of social good and happiness as well. And we're doing all of this as just one small business with only your support and word of mouth to make it all possible. Happy Earth Day from Trek Light Gear - here's to many more years of making our planet a better place, one hammock at a time.
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