Conor Oberst Records His Latest Album In A Hammock

by Seth Haber - Founder, CEO 1 min read

Conor Oberst Hard At Work

Courtesy of NPR, I learned that Conor Oberst chose to record some vocal takes for his latest solo album while laying in a hammock. 

At Trek Light Gear we certainly know that ‘life is better in a hammock’, and it looks like Conor Oberst has been able to harness that relaxed vibe and record its effect on his vocals. 

I haven’t heard the album yet and I’ve never really recorded my voice while laying in a hammock, but I think Conor summed it best: "I don't know the science of it, but it sure was comfortable."

I hereby declare Mr. Oberst as an honorary member of the Trek Life community…it sounds like he would fit right in.

Seth Haber - Founder, CEO
Seth Haber - Founder, CEO

Over 15 years ago I started a small business with the goal of making the world a better place one hammock at a time. Thanks for reading and being part of this incredible community - never stop paying it forward.

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