Trek Light Adventures: More From Guatemala and Belize

Free Base checking in… Picture 1 and 7 come from Lake Itza in San Jose, Peten Guatemala. Both are over exposed as the extra light allowed into the lens brightens up this night scene and blurs the swinging hammocks. Chillin’ 10 to 15 feet above the the ground on an elevated platform Andy and Denny, a friend, stay lifted with a perfect view of Lake Itza and its clear waters. The warm temp of the water served for a nice, and needed,  evening bath for us dirty travelers. A superb hammock destination to say the least. In the second pic we are about 15 feet high in an old tree posted with our feet up. This enormous tree is of the type that holds a presence through which it speaks the wisdom and mysteries of time (same tree shown in pic 4,5,6). This abstract shot is one of my favorites. The only thing in focus is the careful woven material of the hammock as the background hints towards jungle foliage while revealing two sets of feet strung up in the canopy. This comes from the Cayo district in Belize, it’s a secluded spot and the likes of any one else perching a hammock in the lofty branches of this tree again are not high. […]

Trek Light Adventures: Joe and Andy (Pt. 2)

(Another great email from Joe and Andy, this time from Belize. Enjoy…) I believe in Belize, Because I believe, I can find some trees, That my hammock, Will fit in between. The first pic gets a little artsy as we are always trying to push the boundaries of how our pictures turn out. Under the shade of this palm tree is the perfect spot to relax. This pic comes form Hopkins Village in Belize. […]

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Trek Light Adventures: Joe and Andy (Pt. 1)

One of the biggest joys of running a business like Trek Light Gear is hearing about our products traveling around the world. As it is with a lot of entrepreneurs, most of the long-distance traveling I’ve been lucky to do in my life came before I started the business.  I know that those days will come again (want to help? buy hammocks now!), but the truth is that taking a few months off to wander and explore just isn’t too easy when you’re the Chief Everything Officer of a young retail business.  So, jealousy aside, nothing makes me happier than hearing that what I’m doing is in turn helping others to explore the world in a more comfortable and exciting way.   A few weeks back I received the email below from Joe and Andy, AKA Team Freebase, about their adventures in Central America with their trusty Trek Light Hammocks along for the ride.  I instantly wrote back and asked if they’d be interested in keeping in touch and sending in pictures and stories along the way (or whenever they got an internet connection) and the great news is they were psyched about the idea.   So, without further delay, here’s the first email I received.  I’ve already got a few more lined up and I’ll share them along with more to come (including videos!) in the days ahead. Hey Trek Light, Joe and Andy here, AKA Team Freebase. Both of us have recently completed our BA while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. We picked up our Trek Light hammocks up on Pearl St. in Boulder, set them up on the two story deck that night and have been using them ever since. We finished school in August and left for Belize mid September. We are enjoying ourselves thoroughly and the comfort and relaxation that our hammocks provide adds to our pleasure. So far we have remained in Belize traveling all over the country, starting in Caye Caulker, into San Jose Succotz in the Cayo District, and then down south to Dangriga, Tobacco Caye, and Hopkins Village. The first, second, and last pictures come from Hopkins Village which is a beautiful small fishing town just south of Dangriga on the Caribbean coast. We got into Hopkins and were welcomed generously, just as everywhere else in Belize, and found ourselves on a sandy beach plot paying $7.50 for the both of us to set up shop for the night. The first picture displays a sunrise over the Caribbean, mosquito net deployed, as Joe sleeps the night into day. […]

Why You Should Never Fly Without A Hammock

Many people refer to our hammocks as ‘camping hammocks’.  While camping, hiking and backpacking are amazing uses for our hammocks it was obvious to me very early on that the benefits of a Trek Light Hammock go way beyond its applications in lightweight camping.  In every conversation I have with people about Trek Light Gear and hammocks in general one of my goals is to make sure that they realize the millions of ways a lightweight hammock can make their life better.  If you look at our home page you’ll notice right in the middle we ask the question: “What’s your passion?” Next to it is a drop down menu in which you’ll see everything from kayaking to surfing, even work and school.   Each links to a page where you can discover how a Trek Light Hammock can make those experiences better – it’s  amazing how many people will tell me that they only thought to use the hammock for camping until one day realizing that it made for the perfect lunch break power-nap or the ideal place to get some work done with a little wi-fi and a laptop.  Suddenly a Trek Light Hammock goes from being packed away with all the camping gear to something you’ll start thinking about having with you as often as possible! I’m sure I’ll devote some future blog posts to all the different ways a portable hammock can come in handy, but as I’m starting to plan some trips home for the holidays I started thinking about airline travel in particular.  If there’s one thing that backpacking and airport travel (or trains, buses, etc.) have in common, it’s that you always want to pack as light as possible while making sure that you’ve got what you need to be comfortable and to be prepared.  One of the best ways to do that when traveling of course is to bring items that are multi-use, whether it’s a rain jacket that will also keep you warm if it gets cold, clothing and shoes that you can dress up or dress down, etc. So what makes a Trek Light Hammock the ultimate travel gear? […]

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