10 Tips to Better Outdoor Cooking – Camping Blogger

Courtesy of our friends over at Camping Blogger: Creative deserts There’s more to camp deserts than marshmallow s’mores. Baked apples are easy to make, by wrapping in foil and placing on hot coals. For an added treat, core the apple halfway through. Press several caramels into the center and plug the hole with the top […]

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Hammocks Saving The Economy

Randy Gingras, we salute you...

Randy Gingras had to make a choice in December: He could either lay off a couple of dozen welders, or he could pay them to build him a couple of palm trees from which he could hang his hammock. Randy Gingras, we salute you.  Click here to read the full article on Randy.

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Gear Review: HaberVision Riva Polarized Goggles

[Winter 2011 UPDATE: Just wanted to update this review since I've had the goggles for over 2 years now. They're still the best goggles I've ever owned! No complaints or problems to speak of.] While I occasionally blog about cool products and gear that I discover or read about on the web, this is the […]

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If You’re Going To Walk Across America, Bring A Hammock

Thanks to Twitter, a few weeks ago I was able to connect with a fellow by the name of Jesse Simmons and learn about his mission to walk the nearly 4,000 miles from LA to Boston.   Jesse is doing it not for the exercise or the scenery, but to raise money for cancer research.  Along […]

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Clif Bar Recalls 14 Products – Check Your Packs!

For those of you that keep an ample supply of Clif Bars in your packs, pantries and desk drawers at work (we know you do), be sure to check out the link below with details on the recent voluntary recall.   The recall comes as a result of the recent peanut butter Salmonella outbreak that has […]

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A Bird’s Eye View Of History

If you haven’t seen the satellite photo taken during the inauguration, check this out. (Courtesy of the Boston Globe: The Inauguration of President Barack Obama )

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NYTimes: Vegas Is A Model of Resourcefulness. And By The Way, It’s Not A Party Town

Thumbnail image for NYTimes: Vegas Is A Model of Resourcefulness. And By The Way, It’s Not A Party Town

The New York Times brings us their list of 44 Travel Destinations not to be missed in 2009.   It’s quite an interesting mixture of places and you can easily filter the list by categories, so if you’re interested in visiting a place known for its food, its culture or its family friendliness you can pick […]

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