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How To Prevent A DUI With A Hammock

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Just heard a great story from a longtime customer that I had to share: “Last month in Denver I was at a bar drinking w/ friends and was blasted and not going to drive. So I pulled the hammock out and swung between the parking meter and my truck. At 5am a cop shined his […]

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The Cheers Effect: Why Social Media Works For Businesses And How To Use It

If you read the emails in some of my previous posts on happiness, you’ll quickly recognize some of the same themes and ‘happiness triggers’ at work.   As customers what we want usually boils down to the same basic three things: We want the process of purchasing and receiving an item to happen quickly, we want […]

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The Ultimate Ski, Snowboard and Snowshoe Gear: A Hammock

Gloves. Goggles. Jacket. Hammock?!? I’m sitting here on a Monday morning in Boulder, thinking about the amazingly beautiful January weekend we just had that saw temps reach into no-question-about-it shorts and sandals weather.  And yet, I’m looking out my window and watching as snow continues to fall after a huge overnight drop in temperature.  It’s […]

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Rock Climbing + Hammock = AWESOME

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Check out this great picture posted by Trek Light fan Benji Barton over on our Facebook page: There seems to be no end to the activities that are made better with a Trek Light Gear hammock.  What hobby/activity/passion do you incorporate your hammock into?  Share your photo with us and we’ll post it on the […]

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Trek Light Picks: The Best Albums of 2010

Last year’s post on my favorite albums of 2009 got a lot more traffic than I expected and amazingly I started getting asked about the 2010 edition pretty much as soon as December rolled around.  As I said last year, music plays a big role in my life and is a big part of the […]

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A Way To Get A Little More Under The Tree

Just wanted to let you all know about a quick and fun way to make the holidays a little better this year.  If you receive (or already received) a Trek Light Gear gift this year, have someone snap a picture of you opening it up, showing it off, etc. and post it to our Facebook […]

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Gift Ideas For The Whole Family

One of the things I love most about running Trek Light Gear is the fact that even with a small product line, we’ve managed to create a group of products that have an incredibly broad appeal.   The very first time I setup the Trek Light booth at a festival, our hammocks were the only product […]

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