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Frequently Asked Questions

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Question :

Why is your bug net white when most other hammock companies offer dark netting?
Answer :

It turns out we are one of the only hammock companies that offer a hammock bug net in white netting and there's a very good reason why. Countless studies have shown that mosquitoes and other bugs are attracted to dark colors. Think about the mosquito netting you've seen being used around the world wherever the bugs pose a serious problem - it's always white! These are places where malaria is a major health concern and they would certainly be using dark netting if it were more effective.

So why are our competitors using black netting? From what we've seen their reasoning is that dark netting theoretically can give you better visibility when looking out from the hammock in direct sunlight. It may be true, but we've never observed a single problem with visibility and neither have any of our customers. We promise you can see just fine through our netting and you'll certainly be a lot happier knowing that your bug net isn't actually a bug magnet!

That being said, we know that many of our customers are using our hammocks to blend in as much as possible with their surroundings.

If you're hunting or otherwise trying to stealth camp as much as possible it may not make a lot of sense to use a Camouflage hammock and surround it in bright white netting. If that's the case, you've got two great options:

1. Cover Up!
By simply adding a rain fly/tarp over your hammock you can easily hide the white netting from the outside while still keeping all the bug-repellent benefits the white material provides.

2. Dye it!
One of the great benefits to a white material is that you can easily dye it to whatever color you desire. We don't have a specific dye recommendation at this time but have heard from plenty of customers who have shared their success stories with dyeing the bug net. Just make sure the dye is gentle and non-corrosive - your best bet is to speak with someone at your local hardware/outdoor/crafts store who has experience with various dyes. (Please be aware that we can't honor your original warranty once you've dyed the material so just keep that in mind when you decide to do it!)

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